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The Benefits of Cord Blood Banking and the Pros and Cons of Public and Private Banks

Being an expectant parent is a monumental experience, one that comes with a plethora of information and advice at your disposal. Like any new life-changing event, many first-time parents will add a host of parenting books to their home or tablet library and even participate in parenting education opportunities to prepare them for what lies ahead. While subjects such as birth outcomes and breastfeeding are common topics of interest, many parents go through pregnancy without ever learning information on the potential medical value of the stem cells in a baby’s umbilical cord blood.  

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Five Questions Moms Pregnant with Multiples Should Ask

As a result of superstar singer Beyoncé and Amal Clooney’s recent announcement that they are both pregnant with twins, we’ve been receiving a lot of questions about multiple pregnancies—specifically what makes them different from singleton pregnancies. In my experience, when moms find out that they are expecting multiples, they go through a range of emotions. Surprise is followed closely by joy and then often concern, as they are understandably unsure of what to expect and start to wonder how this pregnancy might be different.

If you are expecting multiples, here are five questions you should consider discussing with your doctor:

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