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Q&A with Peter Orio, DO, Radiation Oncologist

Posted by South Shore Health System on Jul 17, 2018 10:49:00 AM

Peter Orio III, DO, MS is Vice Chair of Network Operations, Department of Radiation Oncology at Dana-Farber/Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center in clinical affiliation with South Shore Hospital.

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Why I Ride for Team SSHS

Posted by South Shore Health System on Jul 12, 2018 8:00:00 AM

"It's a pretty frightening experience when you are diagnosed with cancer. And I think it's important for everyone to realize they are not alone," said cancer survivor Gary Kimball. "If I can give back to anybody who is fighting cancer, I'll spend my life trying to give back."

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Mango Salsa Recipe

This zesty salsa is the perfect way to spice up a summer cookout! During the warmer months, many people enjoy snacking on nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables because they are light and flavorful. The nutrition team at South Shore Medical Center recommends this recipe, which combines mango with plenty of fresh ingredients to make a delicious and healthy summer dip.

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How to Take Action to Prevent Suicide

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released a report that shows a substantial increase in death by suicide in the United States since 1999. In June, the high-profile suicides of designer Kate Spade and television host and author Anthony Bourdain made many people question if they would recognize the signs a friend, family member, client, or even a stranger on the street may be considering taking his or her own life. And how can an untrained person help someone in crisis? 

It’s easy to feel powerless. But there is a simple three-step method you can learn to help save a life. It’s called QPR.

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What to Eat to Manage Diverticular Disease

Posted by Lindsay Verraster, RD on Jul 5, 2018 9:27:42 AM

If you’ve ever experienced lower abdominal pain and/or bloating, tenderness, or constipation, your doctor may have diagnosed you with diverticular disease. Also called diverticulosis, the condition is diagnosed by the presence of one or more diverticulum, which is a small pouch pushing out of the lining of the colon wall. Diverticular disease now affects at least half of Americans over age 60, but younger adults can also be affected.

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The New 911: Extending Care to the Weymouth Community, One Ambulance at a Time

My last blog focused on the steps that South Shore Health System is taking to transform how we provide care in our community. As an independent community health system, it’s our responsibility to innovate and grow to ensure our patients have access to the right resources, at the right times, and in the right places. We have to consistently rethink our approach to what will help South Shore residents, including making healthcare as accessible and cost-effective as possible.

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Interview with Eugene Duffy, Director of EMS at South Shore Health System

Posted by South Shore Health System on Jun 25, 2018 9:37:49 AM

With the contract to provide 911 Emergency Services to the Town of Weymouth set to start on July 1, Eugene Duffy, Director of EMS, took some time to talk about what South Shore Health System will provide to the community. There's been a lot of work done by our team to get ready to provide a high quality service to our Health System's hometown. Check out the video to learn more from Eugene about the team, the new ambulances, and how communications with the Weymouth Police Department will work in just a few short days!

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Bone Health for Survivorship

Posted by South Shore Health System on Jun 13, 2018 11:00:00 AM

June is National Cancer Survivorship month and we feel it’s important to use this opportunity to share valuable information that will help our patients live their lives to the fullest extent.

Osteoporosis affects more than 10 million Americans. It is often called a silent disease because there are usually no symptoms in the early stages. For cancer survivors, osteoporosis can develop as a side effect of cancer treatments including cancer-related surgeries that can put women in early menopause. 

We talked to Khelda Jabbar, MD, primary care physician at South Shore Medical Center, who leads the Bone Health Program. Learn more about osteoporosis and the importance of bone health especially for patients who have undergone cancer treatment.

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Why Len Bicknell Rides the Pan-Mass Challenge for Team SSHS

Posted by Len Bicknell, Team SSHS Pan-Mass Challenge Team Captain on Jun 12, 2018 9:10:00 AM

My wife and I spent the night on a Massachusetts Maritime Academy training ship. The bunk was too hard, the room was too cold, and my aching legs kept me from getting much sleep. When Dolly’s watch alarm went off at 3:45AM, I was eager to get off the boat and get back on my bike. 

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Shattering the Stigma of Mental Illness

Posted by South Shore Health System on Jun 8, 2018 12:43:14 PM

The shocking, sad news of two celebrity deaths by suicide this week have had a profound impact. Both phenomenally successful in their respective crafts, the deaths of iconic fashion designer Kate Spade and legendary chef and storyteller Anthony Bourdain have left for many what seems to be the all too familiar question…why?

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