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From Tragedy to Triumph: One Little Girl’s Reunion with the Trauma Team Who Saved Her Life

Posted by South Shore Health System on Aug 23, 2016 10:00:00 AM

(At South Shore Health System, we believe teams working together toward a common goal is crucial to providing the exceptional care the people of our region deserve. “As One” encompasses the values we live and work towards every day. Fallon’s journey is a perfect example of people, caregivers and excellence in medicine being brought together "As One")

Spirited Fallon Keating didn’t realize a typical evening of outdoor fun last summer would lead to a near fatal head injury. 

Fallon rode her bicycle that warm summer evening with friends when she accidentally collided with another child, falling from her bike and scraping her hand.  Rachel Keating, Fallon’s mom, immediately brought her daughter inside to clean her scraped hand, not noticing any other unusual bumps, bruises or signs of injury.

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