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The New 911: Extending Care to the Weymouth Community, One Ambulance at a Time

My last blog focused on the steps that South Shore Health System is taking to transform how we provide care in our community. As an independent community health system, it’s our responsibility to innovate and grow to ensure our patients have access to the right resources, at the right times, and in the right places. We have to consistently rethink our approach to what will help South Shore residents, including making healthcare as accessible and cost-effective as possible.

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Transforming Community Care, One Step at a Time

Somehow, we’ve created an environment here in the U.S. that’s more confusing than helpful when it comes to healthcare. It’s now almost close to impossible for the average person to understand what services they need and when, let alone where they should go, who they should see or how they’re going to pay for those services.

It shouldn’t be this difficult.

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Welcome to Sharing As One, South Shore Health System’s blog. Our goal is to share regular doses of health news, expert insights to healthy living, wellness tips, and inspiring stories from ordinary people who have overcome extraordinary health challenges. 


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