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Alcohol Abuse: A Crisis in Plain Sight

Posted by South Shore Health System on Sep 7, 2018 3:03:32 PM

Seemingly every day, we hear tragic stories detailing the opioid crisis in cities and towns throughout Massachusetts. This epidemic has had a devastating effect on individuals, their families, and our communities. 

However, another equally devastating crisis is hidden in plain sight: Alcohol abuse and addiction.

At South Shore Hospital, we’ve found that alcohol use disorders bring in more patients into our Emergency Department than do opioids. 

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6 Tips to Ease Back-to-School Anxiety

Posted by Vanessa Casavant, Ph.D. on Aug 16, 2018 3:46:30 PM

Anxious feelings triggered by transitions are normal and expected, but with one out of eight children presenting with an anxiety disorder, back-to-school anxiety can be even more problematic for some. 

As a child psychologist, I hear about a wide range of anxious thinking among my patients: What if I don’t have any friends in my class? I heard this grade is tough, what if I don’t do well?  If I don’t do well, I won’t get into a good college and then I won’t get a good job. What if there will be class presentations or the teacher calls on me? What if I have no one to sit with at lunch? I can’t go. I won’t go. 

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How to Take Action to Prevent Suicide

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently released a report that shows a substantial increase in death by suicide in the United States since 1999. In June, the high-profile suicides of designer Kate Spade and television host and author Anthony Bourdain made many people question if they would recognize the signs a friend, family member, client, or even a stranger on the street may be considering taking his or her own life. And how can an untrained person help someone in crisis? 

It’s easy to feel powerless. But there is a simple three-step method you can learn to help save a life. It’s called QPR.

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